Whether you're a wine collector, investor, or restaurateur, you've made the
decision to invest in fine wines. Now you need to enhance and safeguard
your investment by keeping your wine at the finest storage facility
In the event of a power outage Storage Center of Valencia has its own
backup generator that will provide power to the climate controlled unit.
Featuring storage amenities not found elsewhere, The Storage Center of
Valencia Wine Cellar are specifically created and uniquely dedicated to
providing the perfect environment for the storage of fine wines. Complete
with Climate and Humidity control, this facility was created to provide the
ideal temperature, humidity, air flow and insulation necessary for the
proper storage of wines.
Next, our state-of-the-art facility is designed to accommodate any size
storage need, from small personal collections to the largest restaurant
inventories and accepts wine shipment deliveries.
Everyday, The Storage Center of Valencia Wine Cellar offers convenient,
flexible business hours as well as on-site parking and loading facilities.
26407 Bouquet Canyon Rd
Valencia, CA   91350
(located next to Lowe's)
** Proper lighting  & Climate                    
controlled at 55 degrees

** Wine collections are stored in   
individualized storage units

** State-of-the-art construction minimizes

** Deliveries accepted  & Carts                 
We know proper aging is invaluable.
At Wine Cellar of Valencia our
storage facility will protect your
investment while providing you with
excellent customer service.
Our Wine Storage
Start at $18.00
According to the experts, wine should be
held at a temperature which assures its
proper rate  of maturity. Temperature   
fluctuations can be fatal to wines.
High temperatures can cause the cork to move up the neck of the bottle creating a bigger gap of air
between the wine and the cork.  This increased gap will accelerate the oxidation process.  
Our climate control system for the storage locker is completely independent from the rest of the
facility, and is designed to monitor and maintain a 55degree temperature all year round.  In the
event of a power outage, it has its own backup generator that will provide power to the storage
facility and its systems.